What is Testicular Biopsy?

It is a test to diagnose Male Infertility, where small sample of tissues from both testicles are taken for microscopic evaluation.

Who requires Testicular Biopsy?

Azoospermic men, who do not have sperms present in their semen. This test helps to find out whether the sperm production in the testicles is normal or not.

Is there any risk involved with testicular Biopsy?

Not really, it is a straightforward and relatively easy process which can be performed under local or general anaesthesia. Testicular Biopsy is a day care procedure that takes maximum 15 minutes to finish.

Does it hurt?

No, since the area is made numb with anaesthesia. However, you may experience mild pain for few days but that can be controlled by analgesics.

How is Testicular Biopsy done?

This process involves a small stab incision technique that is used to get the tissue samples from one or both the testicles, depending on the criticality of the problem.

How successful is testicular biopsy?

The success rate of testicular biopsy for extracting healthy sperms for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection may vary. This mostly depends upon the patient’s condition, production of sperm and the extraction techniques.

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