How common is male infertility?

Fertility is not only a woman’s problem; it is equally common in men too. Nearly 8% men within the reproductive age, need medical assistance to get rid of fertility-related issues.

How important is surgery in male infertility?

Surgeries, microsurgeries, to be more precise, have brought in major breakthroughs in treating Male Infertility . These surgeries are specifically used for sperm retrieval from the testicles or epididymis in azoospermic men that can be used in ICSI for embryo development and pregnancy. Surgery might also be necessary for rebuilding the reproductive tract in some men.

How critical can a surgery in male infertility be?

The criticality mostly depends on the problem the patient is suffering from, the treatment that he might need as a cure, his age and past medical history. A Male Fertility Expert is the best person to guide you accordingly.

Is a surgery is male infertility is a day care procedure?

Most of the surgeries are but it entirely depends upon the post operative condition of the patient. The fertility expert is the only person who can actually come to a decision. If the doctor feels that the patient does not need any further medical supervision, he might be discharged within a few hours of the completion of the procedure.

Surgery in male infertility at Sridevi Fertility

At Sridevi Fertility , we understand men may have serious fertility related issues as well. He too requires equal care, support, guidance and help similar to a woman. We have some of the best male fertility experts in the city with us, who can not only provide you with the best treatment but also counsel you to face the scenario practically and confidently.

What is the most common surgery in male infertility?

There are quite a few surgeries, which are

  • Sperm Retrieval Procedures- Surgeries to retrieve healthy sperms from asoospermic men
  • Testicular Biopsy- Evaluation of a man’s testicular tissues to investigate about the reason behind infertility.
  • Vasectomy Reversal- surgical process to reconnect a man’s reproductive tubes that has been interrupted during previous sterilization.
  • Varicocele Surgery – A surgical process to repair tangled blood vessels in the scrotum.

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