What is a Hystero-salpingogram (HSG)?

It is a diagnostic x-ray done by the fertility specialists to probe into Female Infertility issues. This x-ray is done to ensure both fallopian tubes are patent (open) and the uterine cavity has a proper shape. HSG is done after a woman completes her monthly periods but before she ovulates to prevent interference with early chances of pregnancy.


Is Hystero-salpingogram (HSG) a complicated procedure?

It is far less complicated than the name suggests. At Sridevi Fertility , we have a separate day care unit to carry out the HSG and similar other medical investigations. Though the procedure bears minimal complications, our efficient doctors make it yet simpler. The entire procedure requires barely 30 minutes to conclude and the patient may leave soon after if the doctor feels that she is fit enough to need any further medical supervision.


How is Hystero-salpingogram (HSG) done?

The patient is made to lay under the fluoroscope (the real time x-ray imager); a cannula is passed through her vagina into the opening of her cervix through which a liquid containing iodine fills her uterus. If the fallopian tubes are opened, the liquid gets released through the other ends. Other abnormalities, if any, are clearly visible from the x-ray images.


What are the side effects of Hystero-salpingogram (HSG)?

There are no serious side effects involved with the process other than abdominal cramps that generally subsides within few hours. However, if cramps continue, it is advised to seek for the doctor’s advice.


Does Hystero-salpingogram (HSG) enhance a woman’s chance to conceive?

No, it does not. The HSG or Hystero-salphingogram is just an investigative procedure that helps to identify the probable reasons behind a Woman’s Infertility .


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