What is semen testing?

It is a process of analysing a man’s semen to examine and evaluation certain factors of the semen and the sperms present in it.

Why is semen testing required?

A semen testing is required to investigate about infertility related issues in men. It is also done to detect the presence of sperm in the semen after a man undergoes vasectomy or when he opts for Vasectomy Reversal .

How is semen collected for semen testing?

The semen must be collected after 3 days of ejaculatory abstinence in sterile container generally through self stimulation. This can be done in a private room within the clinic so that it can be instantly sent for semen testing. If a man is not comfortable with the process within the clinic, he must bring the sample to the lab within one hour of collection before the actual temperature of the sample drops beneath the required point.

Interpreting semen analysis

Macroscopic variable Normal
Volume >1.5 ml
pH >7.2
Viscosity Thread <2 cm
Appearance Homogenous, gray opalescent
Liquefaction Homogenous, <60 min


Macroscopic variable Normal
Sperm number ( million/ejaculate) 39
Sperm concentration (million/ml) 15
Morphology (% normal) 4
Total motility PR+ NP (%) 40
Progressive motility PR (%) 32
Vitality (% Live spermatozoa) 58


Semen Testing at Sridevi Fertility

We have our inbuilt labs to carry out all infertility related tests, including semen testing. Our expert lab technicians, along with the latest and most up market apparatus ensure error-free and timely report generation.

Semen testing is among some of those initial investigations that are essential to probe into the Male Fertility related issues; hence it is very important that it is done with utmost perfection. We at Sridevi Fertility value your time and money, so we do not leave our works to other where you have to visit external pathological units to undergo test and bear the added expense.

Our Fertility Specialists will guide you accordingly after you get the reports.


Does a poor sperm analysis report always signify infertility?

Not always, there might be other factors affecting the semen testing too

  • If the semen is not properly collected or the container is dirty
  • Delay in presenting the sample for laboratory testing
  • Abstinence of less than 3 days before the semen collection
  • Recent illness that suppress sperm count temporarily.


Glossary related to Semen Quality


1 Aspermia No Semen
2 Asthenospermia <32% progressive motile spermatozoa
3 Azoospermia No spermatozoa present in the ejaculate
4 Cryptozoospermia Spermatozoa not found in fresh preparations but found in centrifuged pellet
5 Hematospermia Erythrocytes in ejaculate
6 Leukospermia Presence of leukocytes in ejaculate >threshold (1 mill/cm2)
7 Necrospermia Low percentage of live and high percentage of immotile spermatozoa in ejacuate
8 Normozoospermia Within normal limits for spermatozoa number and motility
9 Oligospermia Total number of and percentage of progressively motile spermatozoa below the lower refrence limit
10 Teratospermia Percentage of morphologically normal spermatozoa below the reference limit

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