What is Ovulation Induction?

It is actually a procedure where a woman’s ovaries are medically stimulated to release good eggs. These eggs are utilized for successful fertilization.


Who needs to undergo Ovulation Induction?

  • Women who do not ovulate regularly
  • Women who ovulate regularly but cannot get pregnant naturally (unexplained infertility)


What are symptoms of irregular ovulation?

Nearly 30 % to 40% of Infertility patients suffer from irregular or abnormal ovulation. If you experience irregular, negligible or excessive bleeding, you need a professional help.

We at Sridevi Fertility, initiate the process where the patient undergoes a thorough check up to identify the reasons behind her irregular periods. This helps us to decide on whether she needs to go for an ovulation induction.


Risks involved in Ovulation Induction?

Risks associated with ovulation induction are multiple pregnancies and ovarian cysts. However, there are negligible risks associated with the medicines and there are absolutely no risk of cancer or birth defects.


What are the medicines used for Ovulation Induction?

The most commonly used medicine is clomiphene citrate (CC). However, there are some other medicines as well which our fertility experts may choose to prescribe.


Ovulation Induction at Sridevi Fertility

The Fertility Specialists at Sridevi Fertility prescribe few tests to detect the actual reason behind the abnormal or irregular ovulation in a woman.The patients are also assessed psychologically through different counselling sessions. Here we pinpoint any stress or anxiety factor which might be affecting her ovulation process.

In some cases, we have few women, who ovulate regularly but still cannot conceive (unexplained fertility).For them, our experts come up with modified treatment options altogether.We prescribe ovulation induction to our patients when we feel that the process can raise her pregnancy possibilities to a considerable extent.

Understanding the problem before solving it; that’s exactly what we do at Sridevi Fertility. This helps us to come up with precise treatment alternatives for every patient.


Success rate of Ovulation Induction

Nearly 80% women who were not ovulating or ovulating irregularly, starts ovulating regularly. However, they need to take proper prescribed doses of these medicines for a considerable period of time. Some women might need increased doses of these medicines to start ovulating.

However, Ovulation Induction doesn’t guarantee pregnancy. There are numerous factors that influence pregnancy rate; like the woman’s age, the reason behind infertility and the duration of infertility.

These medicines are more effective for women who are not ovulating or ovulating irregularly. For those who are ovulating but still cannot conceive need to combine the intake of these medicines with other treatments. Our fertility specialists decides for the treatment for them accordingly.

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