How is IUI done?

Intrauterine Insemination or IUI is a procedure, through which sperm is inserted in the woman’s uterus. The sperm is inserted through the cervix with the help of a catheter. It is a relatively simple procedure that doesn’t even require anaesthesia and can be performed within few minutes. A day care procedure with a minimal requirement for hospitalisation, the patient is discharged within few hours of the procedure. However, this obviously depends

Important facts about IUI Treatment

  • Couples trying to conceive for more than two years may opt for IUI
  • Couples suffering from unexplained infertility may be candidates for the procedure
  • If a woman suffers from ovulation disorder or Endometriosis , the procedure can be just right for her
  • A woman using donor sperm for conception can also go for IUI treatment
  • Most women conceive within the 1-3 cycles of treatment
  • The IUI success rate is about 15 % – 20% (approximately
  • Minimal side effects and recovery period

IUI Treatment At Sridevi Fertility

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Accurate diagnosis, discrete counselling sessions, minimum tests and growing IUI success rate have made Sridevi Fertility one of the most trusted clinics when it comes to IUI Treatment Hyderabad.

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