What is Donor Embryo Program?

This is a process through which an embryo (fertilized egg) is utilized to impregnate a woman, where the eggs involved in fertilization was not extracted from her. However, the sperm involved in the process may or may not be from her husband/male partner.


Which Embryos are used in Donor Embryo Program?

Some IVF Cycles may produce multiple embryos (fertilized eggs) that are surplus and are not required by the Intended Parents. These embryos can be preserved for future treatment cycles, may be discarded or donated. If the couple whose IVF process has generated these surplus embryos agrees upon donating them, they are preserved and used to get another woman pregnant who opts for donated embryos.


Who needs to opt for donor embryo program?

  • Couples, where both partners have fertility related issues that are incurable.
  • Single mothers with fertility related issues
  • Women who have suffered recurrent pregnancy loss due to poor embryo quality
  • Couples, where both partners have genetic disorders


What are the tests a donor needs to endure?

The donor is tested for communicable diseases like HIV, Hepatitis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis and genetic disorders. It is absolutely necessary to probe into the donors past medical history before initiating the process.


What are test for the recipient?

A comprehensive evaluation of the past and present medical history of both partners is mandatory. They are tested for the communicable diseases and genetic disorders like the donor along with the blood type and RH factors. A thorough assessment of the pelvic area and uterus of the recipient is done and if she is over 45 years, monitoring her for proper heart functionality and probable risks associated with high risk pregnancy becomes essential.


Donor Embryo Program at Sridevi Fertility

We are among few of those Fertility Centers in Hyderabad that pioneered donor embryo program. We have been doing it successfully for over two decades now. Our team of proficient and experienced fertility specialists carries out the entire process with perfection. All tests included in the donor program are performed in our inbuilt labs equipped with the most high-end apparatus that ensures faster and error free reports.

Like our other donor programs, the donor embryo program also includes multiple counselling sessions. These sessions are conducted by our Fertility Experts and Counselors , who guide the donors as well as the Intended Parents to help them comprehend the entire scenario and reframe their expectations accordingly. Our experts also prepare the Intended Parents mentally to handle the situation if the treatment does not yield expected result.

We aim at presenting you with a happy, healthy and a complete family.


How is law associated with the donor embryo program?

Both the donor and the recipient can have their lawyers representing them. They should hire someone, who has a good knowledge about the laws regarding the parentage of babies born under the donor program.

Generally, the Intended parents are the legal parents of the baby resulting from the donated embryo and they need to bear all the expenses included in the procedure. Simultaneously, the donor needs to relinquish all claims on the baby resulting from the donated embryo and it will totally depend upon the choice of the Intended Parents whether or not they want to disclose the use of donated embryo to the child in future. Everything, including the compensation offer to the donor if any, must be documented legally to avoid any problem in future.


Success rate of donor embryo program

Using donated embryos doesn’t guarantee pregnancy or live deliveries. The success entirely depends upon the quality of the embryo prior to preservation, the age of the donor and the recipient and the number of eggs transferred.

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