What is a donor program?

The donor program is when you depend on donated eggs, sperms or embryos to have a baby.


Who requires a donor program?

  • People who cannot produce eggs or sperms
  • People, whose eggs or sperms are not likely to result in conception
  • When there is a risk of transmitting a disease on to the partner or the baby
  • Single parent or same sex couples


Donor Program at Sridevi Fertility

Sridevi Fertility is offering donor program for over two decades now. We are among the pioneers to initiate the process, where we offer donor programs to couples who fail to conceive using their own eggs or sperms. Our high-end infrastructures, well-equipped labs, qualified and trained nurses and expert fertility specialists ensure that you get the best sperms or eggs that will increase the chances of conception to a great extent.

At Sridevi Fertility, we believe in complete transparency and so have a thorough discussion with the couples, educating them about the process and answering to whatever queries they have. We offer them donor program only when we feel that they have understood the entire process and is willing to accept it.


Does donor program involve counselling?

Counselling is an integral part of the donor program, especially at Sridevi Fertility. Couples must have a comprehensive idea about the entire process. We suggest them to have a discussion with their friends and family members, before deciding on to it. We explain them the probable glitch that tends to develop, especially in their personal relationships and counsel them to handle such situations.

Accepting a child born out of a third person’s eggs or sperms is not as easy as it might appear. Our Fertility Counselors organize counselling sessions for the couple, to make the condition easy for them, where they can accept the fact and get along with it smoothly.

Thus, at Sridevi Fertility, we do not only offer donor programs to couples but also ensure that they have a happy family for years to come.

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