What is Cryopreservation?

It is a process where cells, tissues, eggs, sperms, embryos and all biological substance that are susceptible to damage are preserved by cooling at a sub-zero temperature. This method seeks to attain the preservation process without causing any damage like formation of ice, to the substance.


Cryopreservation at Sridevi Fertility

Sridevi Fertility is one of the most trusted names in cryopreservation techniques for over two decades now. We are equipped with every required infrastructure to support cryopreservation. Our preservation program includes

Embryo Freezing Infertility Treatments often result in multiple embryo generation. We can choose to preserve the good quality embryos to be used in future treatment cycles or for the donation programs.

Egg Freezing – During most infertility treatments, the ovaries are stimulated medically to produce more eggs than they usually do. The healthy eggs that have matured are collected by our fertility specialists after sedating the patient and are then stored in liquid nitrogen.

Sperm Freezing – Sperms too can be preserved for future fertility treatment cycles or for artificial insemination. They can be stored for the donor program as well.

The cryopreservation program at Sridevi Fertility is based on the effective use of scientific methodologies by our Best Fertility Specialists . We are extremely careful about the entire process and hence come up with multiple tests before we actually decide to preserve any of these substances. We have enough transparency in our discussion with the couples about sperms or eggs that needs to be preserved or utilized during the treatment. We have the couples involve in our donation program only if they agree to it.


Who are most benefited from cryopreservation?

  • Cancer patients who want to conceive after they are cured
  • Women who fail to produce good quality eggs even after treatment and need donated eggs to get pregnant.
  • Men with no, negligible sperm count or with low sperm motility and needs Sperm Donation .
  • Couples depending on donated embryos for having a baby.


Are preserved eggs, sperms or embryos as useful as their freshly generated counterparts?

Yes, they are. Frozen eggs, sperms and embryos are equally useful and effective and can result in healthy babies.


Are the babies born from frozen eggs, sperm or embryos liable for any birth defects?

No, they are not. The babies born from frozen sperm, eggs or embryos do not have increased chance of birth defects. They are normal and healthy as babies born out of fresh sperms, eggs and embryos.

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