What is Assisted Hatching?

This is a process of weakening the outer wall of the embryo (zona pellucida) to enhance the chances of implant. Assisted Hatching is often done along with IVF/ICSI Treatments.


Who requires Assisted Hatching?

  • Women who are over 37 years
  • Poor embryo quality that has slower rate of cell divisions
  • Couple undergoing IVF with embryos having thicker outer shell (zona pellucida)
  • Women who have experienced one or more failed IVF cycles


How is Assisted Hatching done?

When the embryo develops it is covered by a layer of cells forming a shell that protects it. As it grows, the shell cracks and it gets implanted to the uterus. For Assisted Hatching the outer cover needs to be cracked artificially to ensure implantation. This can be done either by firing laser beams or by using various acidic solutions known as Tyrode’s solution. These techniques are used to make holes on the shell and encourage proper and faster implantation.


Risks Involved

There are no greater risk factors involved other than

  • The probable damage to the embryo if the process is not done efficiently
  • The chances of multiple birth increases to some extent which are often more complex to handle compared to singleton pregnancies


Assisted Hatching at Sridevi Fertility

The doctors review the medical history of the couple and move on with the process if they feel that it can increase the chance of implantation. The couples need to undertake some tests prescribed by the fertility specialists.

Our Fertility Specialists have discussion sessions with the couple. They help the couples to know about the process, the steps involved in it and about the probable outcome. The couple can thus have a clear idea about what they need to undergo and what they can expect.

Our team of fertility experts ensure that the process is perfectly done. They make sure no damage is incurred to the embryo or the uterus and the other risk factors are minimized to a great extent.


Assisted Hatching is inevitable with IVF?

Absolutely not, it is not recommended for every women going for IVF. Assisted Hatching is only for patients who had failed IVF cycles or have low prognosis (less likely to conceive). At Sridevi Fertility, our patients and their previous medical history are reviewed thoroughly before they are actually directed towards Assisted Hatching.


Benefits and success rate of Assisted Hatching?

Assisted Hatching enhances the chance of a successful IVF Treatments to a certain extent. The success of Assisted Hatching depends on the quality of the egg and sperm, the hardness of the zona and the techniques involved in the process.

At Sridevi Fertility, you will have our most efficient fertility specialists carrying out the entire process.Our inbuilt and well-equipped labs provide the proper environment for the development of the embryo, under the direct supervision of our expert team, ensuring higher chances of success.

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