We had been suffering from infertility related issues for six years. We went to various fertility clinics and even tried IVF for two cycles in one of these; but failed to get a positive result. Totally drained out of money and frustrated, we lost all hopes and decided to quit.But luckily, we didn’t. One of our relatives told us about Sridevi Fertility. Dr. Swetha is so very inspiring. Her approach was very direct. She went through our case history and suggested ICSI for us.

Though we were a little doubtful in the beginning but decided to go for it. Dr. Swetha explained the entire process to us. We always knew what was coming our way. We only underwent a few necessary tests. Everything was so organised. The staff and the doctors at Sridevi Fertility were very friendly and helpful through out.

The ICSI was successful and we are now the proud parents of a healthy and a beautiful baby girl. Thank you Dr. Swetha and Sridevi Fertility. This wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Note:- The identity of the patient have not been disclosed due to privacy issues.