What is Recurrent Pregnancy Loss?

This is a condition where a woman suffers 2 or more clinical pregnancy losses (diagnosed by ultra sounds) before 20 weeks of gestation. Nearly 5 % of the woman suffers from RPL or Recurrent Pregnancy Loss.

What causes Recurrent Pregnancy Loss?

The causes behind RPL may be numerous, like

  • Genetic abnormalities of the embryo or the foetus leading to miscarriage in the first three months of pregnancy
  • The shape of the uterus or the presence of the spectum (a band of tissues) that fails to provide the required place for the embryo to develop properly
  • Fibroids or benign muscle tumors present in the uterus
  • Addictions like smoking, alcohol, drugs or excessive intake of caffeine
  • Obesity
  • Untreated medical conditions like thyroids, diabetes etc
  • Immune or blood clotting system abnormalities
  • There are some cases where the cause might not be visible (unexplained causes)

Does the age of the mother have something to do with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss?

Yes, women opting to get pregnant after the age of 40 have been diagnosed with about 50% risk of suffering RPL. As with age, genetic abnormalities tend to arise that prevents the development of a healthy baby.

How to diagnose recurrent pregnancy loss?

There are numerous procedures to diagnose RPL.

  • A blood test to investigate about the immune, blood-clotting and medical conditions in a woman that might lead to multiple miscarriages
  • Both partners might have to undergo a special type of blood test (karyotyping) to investigate about their chromosome arrangement, which might lead to genetic imbalanced pregnancy loss.
  • Diagnostic x-ray likes Hystero-Salphinogram and ultra sounds that can detect abnormalities in the anatomy of the uterus.

Can treatments help preventing these recurrent clinical miscarriages?

Yes, it can help. Properly diagnosed medications and surgical assistance can curtail the risk of pregnancy loss to a considerable extent. However, the treatment entirely depends upon the reason behind the miscarriages. The treatment procedures might be tailored to yield the best possible result for the patient.

What are the chances of full-term pregnancy after RPL?

Chances of full-term pregnancy are pretty high even after multiple miscarriages. It has been found that nearly 60%-80% women have full term pregnancies even after suffering 3 recurrent miscarriages.

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