Infertility Facts

Infertility is a more common problem than we can even imagine. Nearly, 10%-12% people suffer from infertility related issues. Research has revealed that coping with infertility is as difficult as coping with terminal diseases like Cancer and HIV. The social pressure to start a family and have kids, make the situation even more difficult.

Why women are the worst victims?

Infertility is not only a woman’s problem. Men can be infertile to. In fact, in nearly 50% couples failing to conceive, suffer due to the male factor. But again, it is the social belief that, since a woman delivers a child, only she is to be blamed for not conceiving. It is often seen, that the husband or the male partner is reluctant to even undergo an Infertility Test .

Understanding your feelings

It is important to identify your feelings while coping with infertility.

  • Feeling of loss – Unable to have a biological child arouses a feeling of loss in most couple. They feel they are missing out on something; they can’t have what others can have easily.
  • Anger, jealousy – People suffering from infertility are often angry with life, they may feel jealous seeing other couples with kids.
  • Frustration and Depression – Trying to conceive for a long time, hoping to have a positive result every time you do a pregnancy test leaves you frustrated. It is to get victimized by depression.
  • Shame – Women are ashamed of being less feminine and men being less masculine, if they fail to have their biological child.
  • Lack of Control – Feeling of helplessness, when you know that there is no guarantee whether the treatment will work for you.


Marital and Stressed Relationship

  • Loss of sexual interest – You fail to enjoy a normal sexual life. Men may have the anxiety to perform and often suffer from the feeling of shame and guilt.
  • Financial tension – You may not decide, how much you can afford to spend on your treatment. The expenses, debts for treatment often adds to the stress.
  • Fear of abandonment – people diagnosed with infertility often fear that their partner might leave them to have kids with someone else.
  • Indecision – Whether to move on with the treatment or stop it? Which treatment to try? These questions also increase the tension in couples.

Coping with infertility with Sridevi Fertility

We at Sridevi Fertility are helping people cope with their infertility related issues. We are doing this successfully for over two decades now. We understand, support and guidance is what a couple requires when they are coping with infertility. Our fertility experts offer care counseling as a part of the treatment procedure.

What can you expect from us?

  • Acknowledge your feeling – Suppressing your feeling is not a solution. Our experts help you to acknowledge bear with your feeling related to infertility.
  • Support – This is the keyword when it comes to counseling; people suffering from infertility always look for support which they get from our experts.
  • Practice relaxation – With a disturbed find, it is not easy to relax. It is a technique that we help you learn here.
  • Initiate discussions – Infertility is a subject that is not often discusses, even among spouses. This leads to misunderstandings and distrust. We initiate a discussion session with the couples, where not only we try to learn about their problems but also help them understand what their partner is actually thinking.
  • Guidance – Since, infertility is not yet free from taboos, people are yet to know a lot about the subject. The knowledge that you find over the internet is very much generalized. You need to know the cause behind your trouble. This is exactly what you get at Sridevi Fertility . Knowledge that acts as your guide when it comes to decision making.

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