Stop Your Biological Clock With Egg Preservation

Women are instinctively multi-taskers, going all out as top professionals and house makers simultaneously. However, in recent times, women are more into settling their careers before thinking about marriage and family. But often they have to succumb to the thought (born mostly of the social pressure) about their biological clock ticking away; crushing the time […]

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More Modern Women Deciding On Natural IVF

Women are ready to take a step backward and they are doing it for good. All they are looking for is an IVF procedure that is less time consuming but equally effective. What else can be better than the Natural IVF? It is less costly, has almost equal success rate and above all bears the […]

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Importance Of Infertility Counselling

Counselling has a very important role to play when it comes to treating infertility. The couples are offered counselling sessions during the treatment process. This helps to evoke a transparency between the doctor and the patient. Apparently, the doctor has all his ears towards the patient’s problems and then comes up with solutions. The couple […]

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High Blood Sugar Induces Infertility

If you are trying to conceive for a pretty long time now, without any success; you might have fertility issues. The reason behind fertility may sometime go undetected. In such cases a small blood test can do a lot in helping you identify the culprit that is making you infertile. Very often the […]

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Micro-TESE Brings Hope To Childless Couples

Being childless is a devastating experience that has a lifelong effect. We have grown up hearing, once we too shall parent a child who will complete our family. A child is believed to strengthen the bond between couples. It can be easily imagined how incompetent a couple feels if they fail to have a […]

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Vitamin Therapy For Infertility

‘Vitamins keep us healthy’, is a perpetual fact. But how many of us actually know that vitamins can also make us fertile and productive? Vitamins are very closely associated with human fertility. People dining on more of these nutrients are generally more fertile than those who succumb to taste than health.

Now, let’s have a closer […]

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Doctors Are Good Teachers When Patients Ask Good Questions

Doctors are not just medical practitioner but they are good teachers as well as the treatment process involves a lot of question & answer sessions; where the doctor comes across unending queries the patients have.

The queries and questions often steps up the ladder when it comes to fertility related issues. Couples seeking infertility treatment are […]

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Stress Really Affecting Your Fertility?

STRESS has become the buzz word of modern living; we tend to get stressed even over the slightest inconvenience and blame it for all our problems, even for making a woman infertile. But is stress really to be blamed for women failing to conceive?

According to an article published on WebMD News, there is no evidence […]

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Regular workout improves fertility

Too lazy to exercise? Well, here is another reason that may get you going. According to a HealthDayNews article, men who exercise regularly have a higher sperm count and a greater chance of fathering children naturally. In other words, they are more fertile than their lazier counterparts.

A study was conducted with couples seeking fertility treatment […]

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7 deadliest male fertility killers

Infertility is a serious problem of recent time, it is more serious than you might actually imagine. The number of couples suffering from infertility related issues is increasing day by day. The reason behind it is yet of be established firmly. Some may blame the indiscipline and disorganized lifestyle, where people hardly get time for […]

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