Since time immemorial, the age of a woman has been the most important factor impacting her pregnancy chances. In general, a woman’s fertility peaks as soon as she hit her 20s and sloughs down gradually as soon as she is past her early 30’s. The fall ‘was’ so rapid that if a woman at age 35 enjoys 50% of chance, the same woman at 41 has to make do with the paltry 4%.
With IVF age is no longer the major barrier that it was a few years ago, for women longing to get pregnant. It has single headedly increased the success rates and has pushed the conceivable age of the women.

Bypassing the age barrier with IVF:
Under ideal conditions, it can be said that there is no age bar for the IVF treatment. Women of any age with quality egg and sperm can enjoy the success of getting pregnant, with the help of In-vitro Fertilization. But ideal conditions are not always possible, aren’t they?

In reality, the quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs decline with age which is very natural. On top of this, there are many factors that include lower sperm count, quality or even medical conditions like endometriosis or PCOS that contribute to the difficulty of getting pregnant reducing the chances among elder couples.

But are women of all ages the right candidates for IVF?

IVF helps you bypass the age-related factors that account for infertility thus, increasing the chances multifold. It especially helps the elder women (36-42), with many studies recording a three times increase in success rate among women in this age bracket. If you are considering donor eggs the success rates even jump into higher legions pushing the age barrier up to age 60. With assisted reproductive technologies like ICSI, the chances are even better for you to become a healthy and happy mother
With IVF, It’s more about the quality of eggs than the age of the mother, given she is healthy. So if you are women worried about the age limit, please do remember that IVF can be tried at any age but all you need is a qualified and experienced infertility specialist.

How to find the right fertility specialist for IVF?
Though a common procedure, IVF is a technologically advanced method not only requires advanced medical equipment but also experienced and qualified fertility specialists with proven success record. So before you choose one, it is important you go through their patient experiences, testimonials, success percentage and more. It’s understandable that it’s difficult to make a thorough analysis but you can refer the reports from the authoritative sources who have already done the research for you.
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