If you are having thyroid problems and are concerned about the impact of thyroid on infertility , there should be no reason for anxiety, as the problem could be solved before conceiving by following certain ways which have been proved to give results. Here are some ways by which you can solve the thyroid problem before you decide to become pregnant.

1. Organic foods, which are rich in Iodine should be the first choice when planning your daily diet. Include whole foods such as yoghurt prepared from whole fat, raw cranberry, navy beans, raw dairy products, unpeeled potatoes and strawberries.

2. Progesterone is a hormone that is essential for getting pregnant and progesterone can work well in combination with other hormones. Thus it is necessary to receive a hormone panel that is complete. The Female Hormone Panel (FHP) is a test of the saliva collected during pregnancy for mapping the active levels of Progesterone and Estradiol throughout a single menstrual cycle. This noninvasive test helps in overcoming infertility due to thyroid.

3. Maca helps to resolve thyroid issues by nourishing the hypothalamus in order to help & control the function of the thyroid. The hypothalamus will in turn help to balance and stimulate the other endocrine glands, like the testes, ovaries, adrenals and pituitary. Include Maca powder in your diet for good health.

4. Those having Hyperthyroidism can benefit from Systemic Enzyme Therapy. This will support the immune system and help to overcome the thyroid problem before you get pregnant. It also helps to moderate the inflammatory responses by working as a biological response modifier. This also helps in the proper blood formation and circulation.
5. A natural treatment protocol can help to overcome the thyroid issue by neutralizing the hormone imbalance. This includes nutritional imbalance, change of diet and lifestyle. It also includes sleeping well, regular exercises and managing their stress levels.

6. Iodine and Tyrosine are the main constituents of the thyroid hormone and hence, supplementation of the key nutrients is important for supporting the thyroid that includes minerals, vitamins and herbs. Include supplements in your diet that are necessary for maintaining the normal levels of the thyroid hormones in the blood level. These include supplements like

• Zinc
• Vitamin A and E
• Selected Vitamins B and C
• Copper, Zinc and Selenium
• Rhodiola and Ashwagandha

7. Environmental toxins and poor diet can help the thyroid issue to aggravate, and hence it is important to include supplements like iodine in your diet to prevent the same. Seaweed is a great source of iodine that can help resolve the thyroid issue.

The above mentioned ways have been proven as the best ways to overcome infertility due to thyroid. The benefits of taking such approach will help to improve the chances of becoming pregnant and also to maintain good health during pregnancy. But what is most important is not to try to cure fertility problems due to thyroid all by yourself, it is of utmost importance that you consult an infertility specialist in order to give birth to a normal baby.