Research finds that lack of the “Sunshine Vitamin” (Vitamin D) may make a man impotent. After analyzing the data collected from 3,400 American men, the researchers formulated the theory. Among these men, thirty percent had Vitamin D deficiency of which 16% were suffering from erectile dysfunction. Heart diseases and diabetes are considered two of greatest reasons behind the erectile dysfunction. But these men were not diagnosed with either of these problems. So, it was easy to pinpoint Vitamin D deficiency as the cause of impotence in these men.

If the level of Vitamin D is below 20 nano grams per milliliter of blood, a person is said to have vitamin D deficiency. Among 35 % of men suffering from Vitamin D deficiency are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, the study reveals.

The restoration of the “sunshine vitamin” in the body can be done by bringing in some simple changes. These changes include the change in diet, modest exposure to sunlight, intake of vitamin D supplements and regular exercise.

The study revealed, men with lower level of vitamin D are 32 percent more vulnerable towards impotence. The researchers came to this conclusion after taking into account all the other factors that gives rise to erectile dysfunctions like addictions (smoking or drinking), diabetes, cardiac ailments, inflammation or regular intake of certain medication.

However,this theory is entire based on observations and is yet to prove the cause and the effect. Further probe is required to establish the direct link between the vitamin D level and the erectile dysfunction. The researchers are optimistic that this new finding will surely open up advanced treatment approaches in the field of male reproductive health. They also believe that the level of vitamin D may act as a relevant tool to gauge a man’s vulnerability towards erectile dysfunction. However, the most important question is whether, filling up the deficiency can help cure erectile dysfunction or at least reduce its risk?

It is estimated that nearly 40% of men above 40 years and 70% of men above 70% are not able to reach or retain erection. As this study is carried forward, the researchers are hopeful that they might come up with some effective remedies for curing impotence in men.

Source : HealthDay News