Women are instinctively multi-taskers, going all out as top professionals and house makers simultaneously. However, in recent times, women are more into settling their careers before thinking about marriage and family. But often they have to succumb to the thought (born mostly of the social pressure) about their biological clock ticking away; crushing the time span where they can mother a child naturally.

The concept of Oocyte Cryopreservation, simplified as egg preservation, has brought in a good of option for modern women to wind their bio-clock according to their will. Women are now opting for egg preservation that can be used to have babies in future if they fail to conceive naturally. This has leveled the arena for both genders as men do not come with any biological clock.

Though the concept of egg preservation is more than a decade old but initially it was only recommended for cancer patients. The young female cancer survivors opted for egg preservation to avoid the probable risks that chemotherapy could incur on their fertility. Top notch tech-giants like Facebook and Apple have also decided on offering optimal coverage for the egg preservation to their female employees.

Talking about the babies born out of frozen eggs has not been known to have increased chances of birth defects compared to their fresh egg born counterparts. However, fertility experts may have distinguished philosophies about the percentage of the live birth rate from cryopreserved eggs. Some think that success rate is nearly 50% whereas others have the idea that the success rate depends upon the age of the woman while freezing and also conceiving, the number of eggs removed and implanted and success of the fertilisation process.

Keeping the technicalities aside, the very idea of egg preservation has undoubtedly ended the autocracy of the expiration that women faced till date.