Too lazy to exercise? Well, here is another reason that may get you going. According to a HealthDayNews article, men who exercise regularly have a higher sperm count and a greater chance of fathering children naturally. In other words, they are more fertile than their lazier counterparts.

A study was conducted with couples seeking fertility treatment at the Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Centre between 2006 to 2012; where the focus was on the male partner. The semen samples were collected from 137 men and they were asked to fill up a questionnaire.

The overall analysis of the semen samples and a proper glance at the questionnaire made it clear for the researchers to state that men engaging in moderate to vigorous physical activities of a specific type for at least one hour everyday have an enhanced level of sperm concentration up to 42%.

The study also revealed that only a particular type of physical activity adds to the fertility boost; weightlifting is one of them. According to Audrey Gaskins, the co-author of the study regarding exercise and male fertility, weightlifting increases the level of testosterone and insulin sensitivity in the body which are related to higher sperm concentration in men. Moreover, exposure to the sun may also increase the vitamin D level in the body which perks up the fertility in men, Gaskins thinks.

However, the researchers also found out that not all outdoor activities are helpful. Men who cycle for over an hour each day tend to go down on their sperm count level by up to 34 %. This is due to the pressure applied to the scrotum by the bike seats or due to the heat produced by the pressure that increases the scrotal temperature, opines Gaskins.

However, though the study revealed the close association between regular exercise and increased level of sperm concentration but it does not state exercise to be the sole cure of all infertility related issues in men. Lower sperm count is not the only cause behind male infertility. Hence, it is better to consult a doctor for the best possible solution available.