Obesity has always been recognized as the greatest threat to ovulation disorder, which in its turn may make a woman infertile. But a latest research revealed that obesity can also affect the fertility of women who ovulate normally. An obese woman is 43% less productive than a woman with normal weight.

According to Jan Willem van der Steeg, MD, Amsterdam Medical Center, obesity is an additional risk to a woman’s fertility even if she has her regular periods.

A study was conducted by Van der Steeg with 3,029 couple who had trouble in conceiving naturally. They were tested and found that those women were ovulated normally and had patent fallopian tubes. The men also had normal semen analysis report. The women where categorized according to their weight; normal weight, over weight and underweight. It was found that women with BMI (Body Mass Index) 35 have 26% less possibility to conceive, whereas with women with
BMI 40 it was nearly 43%.

However, according to Dr. Van der Steeg, the relation between obesity and infertility is still not clear. According to him, the hormone leptin that controls the appetite and energy loss may get disturbed due to obesity and restrain successful fertilization.

Noted reproductive endocrinologists William Dodson is of the opinion that obesity plays a more complex role in human reproduction than it was ever thought of. He says, even before a couple of years, it was thought that if obesity is not affecting a woman’s ovulation, it does not have anything to do with her fertility as well. But this is far from the truth.

Dodson conducted a research at the Penn State Hershey College of Medicine. The study revealed that obese women needed higher doses of infertility drugs while undergoing fertility treatments. In this research, all the women had normal ovulation cycle.

To conclude with Dodson, the relationship of obesity and reproduction is far too intricate and will require a lot of research before it can be clarified.

However, it can be clearly stated, you are less likely to get pregnant if you are obese. So, before you plan a baby, it is important to cut down the flab.You may also seek professional help for faster results.

Source: WebMD