Women are ready to take a step backward and they are doing it for good. All they are looking for is an IVF procedure that is less time consuming but equally effective. What else can be better than the Natural IVF? It is less costly, has almost equal success rate and above all bears the “All green tag” with it. You can go on with your work within a few days after you are done with it, that’s what majority of female professionals have to say when they were asked about their decision of opting for the Natural IVF above the standard one.

It is really amazing to see the growing number of aspiring mothers turning towards a procedure that was once completely abandoned due to its poor success rate. The evolution in the field of ultrasounds and medical techniques has brought up the success rate of Natural IVF within a very close range of the standard IVF. Hence, the procedure, which led to the first successful human conception through ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology), is making a successful come back. Louise Joy Brown, born in 1978 in Manchester, England was the first IVF baby conceived through natural IVF.

Standard IVF involves the use of fertility drugs for ovarian stimulation so that more eggs are produced and can be extracted. Multiple eggs are fertilized and implanted into the woman’s uterus, thereby increasing the chance of twins or triplets. Having twins or triplets can be real nightmares for women, who are busy professionals. Most of them do not want more than one child. This is another contributing factor for Natural IVF winning real good grounds.

Under Natural IVF, a woman’s menstrual cycle is tracked to retrieve just a single egg through trans-vaginal ultrasound. The egg is then fertilized and the resulting embryo is transferred to the uterus, if a successful implant happens, it leads to pregnancy. This procedure is just ideal for elderly women who do not produce more eggs even after hyper-stimulation and also for cancer survivors or women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)who might be in for hormonal drug side affects done to stimulate the ovaries.

Success rate of natural IVF is also pretty good, says some of the leading infertility experts, apart from that it is less expensive as well. A pretty good and affordable option for every aspiring parent looking for fertility treatment across the country, only you need to find the best fertility clinic that serves your purpose right.

Source: Fertilityauthority.com