Keeping mobile phones in your trouser’s pocket can prevent you from fathering babies.Mobile phones have made communications easier. These utility boxes store the entire world for us. But can they kill our hopes of becoming parents? Yes, they can. According to a recent research conducted by a team of researchers from the department of Bio science of University of Exeter, mobile phones can invite male infertility

This team conducted a systematic research to find out the effect of mobile exposure. They conducted ten different studies that included semen samples of nearly 1,500 men who were undergoing male infertility treatment in different clinics.

The samples were judged on the metric of sperm motility (the ability of the sperm to swim near the egg), vitality (proportion of living sperms) and concentration (the number of sperms present in per unit of semen. It was observed that sperm motility and vitality dropped by a clear 8% when they were exposed to mobile phones. The radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by the mobile phones is considered to be the reason behind this. However, the effect of this radiation on the sperm concentration is still not clear.

According to Dr. Fiona Mathews, the head of the research team, the amount of harm caused by this particular form of environmental exposure still needs to be clarified. This is evident that carrying mobile phone in the trouser pockets can adversely affect male fertility. It is all the more devastating for men who are at the verge of infertility, has already been detected as infertile and are undergoing male infertility treatment. However, further probe is crucial to clarify the full clinical implication for the general population