Being childless is a devastating experience that has a lifelong effect. We have grown up hearing, once we too shall parent a child who will complete our family. A child is believed to strengthen the bond between couples. It can be easily imagined how incompetent a couple feels if they fail to have a baby. However, the advancement in infertility treatments has unlocked a numerous doors for couples with infertility issues. The latest addition to the list is the Microdissection Testicular Sperm Extraction or the Micro-TESE.

Micro-TESE is a surgical sperm extraction technique for men suffering from obstructive azoospermia. This process was incepted at the Cornell School of Medicine in New York and was successfully implied for the very first time by the urologists at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, in southeast Michigan.

Before Micro-TESE, men with obstructive azoospermia were considered to be sterile with absolutely no hope of fathering children biologically. Even their sperms could not be used for IVF as their semen contained negligible or no sperms at all. Their spouses either had to go for sperm donation or think about adoption.

However, a sudden discovery figured out, though sperm might not be present in the semen but it might be present in the testicles. The researchers came to this conclusion while screening random tissue samples during testicular biopsy. The sperms that were extracted from the testicles could be successfully used for injecting into a woman’s eggs to have a resulting embryo. This could be easily done through ICSI.

Micro-TESE allows a thorough monitoring of the tubules for sperm production and extracting only those that yields healthy sperms. This reduced the amount of tissue samples that had to be obtained for the testicular biopsy. The job of the embryologists eased out as they need not screen too many tissues to get to the more productive ones. The probable risks to the testicular blood vessels during the extraction were also minimized.

Micro-TESE has become the most effective sperm retrieval procedure in recent times. However, it needs a great deal of expertise and professional handling. Lot depends on the technique of the fertility specialists. However, Micro-TESE is undoubtedly the newest and the most prominent silver lining for couples seeking infertility treatment.