Infertility may open the door for testicular cancer in men. According to the available research sub fertile or infertile men are at higher risk of developing testicular cancer at later stages.

A research was conducted over nearly 20,000 men as a part of male infertility treatment during 1996-2011. They underwent a semen analysis. These samples were compared with a group of men known to have normal fertility.

Among the 20,000 men belonging to the infertile or sub-fertile group, 421 were diagnosed with different type of cancers. The most of them were testicular cancer, prostrate or skin cancer (Melanoma).

Men diagnosed to be infertile or sub-fertile during male infertility treatment, were found to be three times more vulnerable towards testicular cancer. For men having abnormally low sperm count, the risk may escalate up to as high as ten times.

Men suffering from different types of problems related to their sperm parameter may be in the high-risk zone. However, this study is still to establish a well-proven theory on the cause and effect. So men, diagnosed with infertility related issues during male infertility treatments, need not panic.

Contradicting the earlier studies, the researchers found no added risk of cancer for Azoospermic (no sperm in semen) men. The researchers also said that they did not succeed to establish any link between fertility and prostate cancer risk as well.

Large number of research scholars are of the opinion that this study will definitely open up newer magnitudes. These facts will help the fertility specialists and Urologists deliver better patient care. The research will also build a stronger base to recognize and effectively address the physiologic problems that often leads to infertility or cancer in men.