Male infertility does is more detrimental than you can even imagine. It does not only restrain you from fathering an offspring but also makes you vulnerable to cancer. According to a study published in The Journal of Urology, infertility in men makes them prone to all types of cancer and to some individual types of cancer in particular.

An extensive research was conducted by the researchers of the Stanford University School of Medicine in California to find out the relation between male infertility and cancer. They investigated through the 2001-2009 database of Truven Health MarketScan to separately identify those with male infertility issues. They picked up infertile men through the diagnosis process and treatment codes. The cancer cases found in these men were compared to the national estimate of cancer patients. The cancer cases in infertile men were also compared with men who underwent vasectomy and with those who were not infertile and have never undergone vasectomy. The research included the data of 76,083 men with infertility in the average age group of 35.1 years and of about 112,655 men who underwent vasectomy and 760,830 men who used control measures.

The research output revealed that infertility, vasectomy and control subjects were subjected to cancers more often. Among these categories, male infertility induces higher rates of cancer compared to those who have undergone vasectomy or other control measures. Infertile men are prone to all types of cancers, especially testis cancer and non-Hodgkin’s Lyphoma.

However, further probe is essential to find out more about male infertility and its link to different types of cancer. Further research will also clarify the path of diagnosis and cure for both infertility and cancer problems. It is always better to seek expert advice sooner if you suspect of having infertility issues.

Source : Renal & Urology News