If you are thinking to conceive through ART, try out ICSI. This procedure has a higher success rate even in cases where the male partner suffers from most severe fertility issues. However, the cost of ICSI is higher than IVF. The sole reason for this is due to the expertise required to handle the complexities the procedure involves.

ICSI is a good option for non-male infertility cases as well. There are no increased risks of embryo abnormalities, miscarriages or birth defects. The time factor involved in both procedures is almost similar. The only reason for ICSI bypassing IVF is its higher success rate. IVF is associated with numerous incidents of fertility failures that have made ICSI even more popular among couples who are desperate to see a success.

To summarise, ICSI is the safest and most scientific way to have a successful conception. However, it is not recommended for cases involving female fertility issues like poor ovarian response.

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