IUI is known as Intrauterine insemination and is a fertility treatment that involves the placing of the sperm inside a woman uterus to initiate fertilization. It has delivered hopes to millions of infertile couples across the world and made them proud parents of a healthy baby. During the IUI procedure, the fertility specialist injects the male’s sperm directly into the female’s uterus. IUI treatment increases the number of sperms that reach the fallopian tubes and subsequently increase the chance of fertilization. IUI treatment cost depends on multiple factors ranging from the complexity arising from the infertility diagnosis to the treatment procedures suggested by the fertility doctor.

IUI is required in the below conditions:

1) Unexplained infertility
2) Ejaculation dysfunction
3) Low sperm count
4) Ovulatory disorders such as PCOS

Best IUI hospitals in Hyderabad like Sridevi Fertility Hospitals carry out extensive tests on the couples to ascertain the reason behind the infertility. For women, this means a full workup of blood tests and ultrasounds, along with a thorough medical history. For men, a complete analysis of semen is fundamental to the IUI treatment.

Favourable conditions for IUI:

1) If a women can ovulate and responds well to the fertility medicines, then the IUI can be timed with a controlled ovarian hyper stimulation cycle.
2) The fallopian tubes needs to be clear without any obstruction.
3) Normal Uterine activity is must for a woman gearing up for an IUI treatment.
4) Healthy sperm is one of the prime conditions for IUI, as the healthy sperm is being injected to meet a healthy egg.

Intrauterine insemination is appealing to many because it is affordable and there are few health risks and side effects. Before intrauterine insemination, ovulation stimulating medications may be used, in this case careful monitoring is necessary to determine when the eggs mature. The IUI procedure will then be performed around the time of ovulation, typically about 36-40 hours after triggering the surge in LH hormone that indicates ovulation will occur soon. Sridevi Fertility Hospitals is one of the finest and the oldest institutions in the city of Hyderabad and all the fertility specialists in the hospital are handling the issues successfully. The hospital offers the state of the art facilities and one can meet the doctors and discuss personal problems related to fertility and seek the best treatment. With minimal side effects and less recovery period, one can just opt for an IUI treatment after due consultations with the doctors.