Infertility is a problem that’s been growing around the globe. According to recent studies, it has already affected around 17-20 million Indians in past 2 years. Male infertility has solely accounted for 30 % of these infertility cases which is a bit alarming to hear, given that the percentage was way lesser 4 years back.
But a crucial take away from these statistics is that almost 40% of men above age 31 in India are affected by these male infertility problems.

So what is Male fertility?

Male fertility is the male’s ability to reproduce after natural copulation with the female.

For which, the following must occur:

• Production of healthy sperm.
• A good number of sperm in the semen (Sperm count)
• Functional and motile sperm. (Sperm motility)

In case one of the above three takes a hit, the chances of conception are affected resulting in infertility problems. For years, Conception problems have become more and more among the couples owing to low sperm count and motility.

But here’s the good news!

Medical researchers have found an affordable, natural and easy way to boost sperm quality and quantity! All it takes is a handful of nuts.

Yes, you can easily boost your sperm production by eating a handful of almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts.

So, what does the research exactly say?

119 healthy men aged 18-35 were analyzed by researchers from Rovira I Virgili University in Spain for 14 weeks. Half of the subjects were given a regular diet and other half were given the same diet along with 60g servings of almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts.

While the results in the regular diet group remained the same, the nut-rich diet group showed a massive improvement in terms of sperm quality and quantity. The sperm count was improved by 20%, sperm vitality by 5%, motility by 6% and morphology by 1%. It was also welcoming to see that eating nut-rich diet has also shown a significant reduction in DNA fragmentation of the sperm, which is one of the primary factor causing male infertility.

Though there are many natural ways that can help you improve the sperm quality and quantity most of them are hit or a miss. But this is the first time a new way has been proven to improve the sperm count and its quality with results.

So you need not worry, have a handful of the nuts (60gm): almonds, hazels and walnuts in your diet and give a boost to your little swimmers.

Finding it tough to manage everything by yourself?

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