Male Infertility is on the rise around the globe. The reasons for it are manifold. The situation worsens as most people are reluctant to visit a fertility expert on time. Some feel uncomfortable to talk about the problems that they consider being very personal. The other may not even be aware of the fact that they are suffering from infertility related problems. However, for those who are shying away fertility experts, should gather all their guts and see the doctor soon before it is too late. For those who are unaware about their problems, here are a few possible ways to identify the infertility symptoms in men.

If you are trying for a baby for over six months without any positive outcome; you might be having a fertility issue. However, the exact problem can be detected after a thorough investigation by a professional fertility expert. But here are few ways that will at least help you identify the infertility symptoms in men.

No Ejaculation or minimal ejaculation

Ejaculatory disorder is the most common symptom of infertility in men. If you don’t ejaculate at all or have a very less amount of ejaculatory fluid, you might be suffering from infertility.

Lump in your testicles

If you notice a lump which might be painful or painless; do not ignore it. These lumps may be Varicoceles. The Varicoceles are often formed when veins inside the testicles gets tangled. This prevents the proper blood flow and caused infertility.

Inability to smell

This is a rare genetic disorder that surfaces during puberty. This can happen to both men and women. It is also known as Kallman’s Syndrome. In men apart from hampering the sense of smell, this type of disorder causes lack of libido and erectile dysfunction leading to infertility. If you find your male kid complaining of not able to smell things, especially during his puberty years, do not ignore it.

Very small testicles

Klinefelter’s syndrome is another genetic disorder that is identified with very small testicles that are too small for producing enough testosterone. Men suffering from this genetic disorder may also have heavier male boobs, inappropriate hair growth, thin bones and disproportionate body.

These are some of very common infertility symptoms in men. If you notice any of these, do not take time or hesitate. Get yourself tested with a fertility expert . Delay can only worsen the situation. Remember, male infertility doesn’t heal naturally. Neither there are any home remedies for it. You need to go for proper medications to get a complete cure.

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