If you are trying to conceive for a pretty long time now, without any success; you might have fertility issues. The reason behind fertility may sometime go undetected. In such cases a small blood test can do a lot in helping you identify the culprit that is making you infertile. Very often the guilty gets identified as the diabetes or high blood sugar that is preventing natural conception.

According to the American Diabetes Association, around 200,000 new diabetic cases get registered every year in the U.S alone. Among them nearly 24% are in their reproductive age, without even knowing that they are diabetic. More and more fertility specialists are listing high blood sugar as the biggest reason behind explained infertility in both men and women.

When it comes to getting pregnant; the level of glucose present in your blood can be quite a decisive factor. It has been found that high blood sugar not only delays pregnancy but also prevents women from carrying a full-term pregnancy successfully. The higher level of glucose prevents successful embryo implant in women, leading to miscarriage even before she actually realizes that she is pregnant.

Apart from infertility, high blood sugar also increases the chance of birth defects in the baby. Chances of having an overgrown baby leading to c-section deliveries and gestation diabetes become prominent with high blood sugar level in the mother.

High blood sugar is not only a woman’s problem; men with higher sugar level in their blood can have less sperm counts, retrograde ejaculation and erectile dysfunctions. Moreover, there is a chance of DNA defects of the sperm resulting in preventing or terminating pregnancies, normal foetal development and live births.
In spite of these, diabetic couples can decide on to having babies by controlling the glucose level in their blood. All that they require is to work in team with the doctor is investigating ways to lower down the blood sugar level before going for conception.

Source : natural-fertility-info.com/