Getting pregnant at 40 isn’t always easy. Fertility in women decrease with their age, the basic reason behind this is, the eggs starts aging. Hence, if you are at the wrong side of 40 and planning to have a baby; seek for medical supervision. You can straight away look for a fertility expert , specialized in high-risk pregnancy care.

Most late pregnancy cases needs a lot of supervision from the word “Go”. Your doctor will investigate and if required treat the obstructions that might refrain you from conceiving. In this way, you will not be wasting time trying for a natural conception which is hard to achieve as your age. You will have a guided path to follow towards successful parenthood.

Moreover, you will have a clear idea about your chances of conception and mould your expectation accordingly. This will save you from the frustration that most women trying to get pregnant after 40 often face. Your fertility expert may also guide you to ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) if the natural way isn’t working for you.

Probable risks factors involved in getting pregnant at 40

  • The longer you delay, the tougher it becomes to get pregnant. The supply of eggs in women starts to decrease. Older eggs may have chromosomal problems that lead to miscarriages or birth defects in the child.
  • Getting pregnant at 40 may make you vulnerable to high blood pressure and diabetes. The placental problems and birth complications are higher.
  • Babies born to older women often have low-birth weight and have a pre-term delivery. The stillbirth rates are also high in late pregnancies.
  • Age does not only affect the women; men also have poor sperm quality as they age. Though men can father children even in their 60’s and 70’s, but children born to older father’s are often prone to genetic diseases like Down syndrome, schizophrenia, autism or spectrum disorder.

Advantages of getting pregnant at 40

  • It may sound unlikely, but it is true. There are some clear cut and certain advantages of getting pregnant at 40.
    At 40 or above, your life is secured and settled. You are financially established and are ready to give a good life to your children.
  • Older parents may not be the most energetic but they are certainly the wiser ones. Studies reveal that older mothers are more likely to breastfeed and are able to choose the best nutrition for their babies.
  • Couples who have entered parenthood at or after 40 are found to be more patient in understanding their child’s requirements compared to their younger counterparts.

So, getting pregnant at 40 doesn’t only have disadvantages. Yes, there are risks involved. But you can get over these risk factors with proper advice from your doctor. So, don’t worry even your biological clock is ticking away.