About 30% of the infertility cases we treat at our Sridevi Fertility Clinic are solely due to male reproductive problems. Low sperm quality and quantity happen to be the major problems in most of the cases.

Pregnancy & Sperm Health:

When it comes to pregnancy nothing is as important as sperm count and its quality because everything that follows, directly depends on these little swimmers. They are not only responsible for pregnancy but also determine how healthy your pregnancy is going to be.

A man needs an adequate amount of good quality sperm to fertilize a woman’s egg. Most men do not give much thought until they decide to start a family. A mistake we most often notice at our facility, which we believe is due to a lack of awareness about reproductive health, especially among men. There are many ways to protect your sperm health to improve your chances of fatherhood.

Here are three simple lifestyle changes that can positively impact your sperm health:
Keep it cool down there:

Let us start right away by minimizing the damage and here we go: Male genitalia especially the testes do what they do the best (produce sperm) when the temperature is cool down there. Numerous researches over the years have confirmed that increase in temperature by a mere 1 degree Celsius for long periods can damage the sperm and we don’t need that at this point if time, do we?

What to do: Say no to long hot baths, spas, and tight undies during the summer, over exercising and most importantly, avoid using the laptop placed on your lap.

Eat sperm boosting foods:

Yes, we understand that the whole notion of ‘well-balanced diet’ is kind of overcooked right now. But listen up, you don’t have to eat them all, you can just focus on a handful of foods and you can reap rewards. And it’s not like you have to continue this diet forever, 3 months of time leading up to conception is just good enough.

Why 3 months? Well, that how approximately the time that is taken to produce a new sperm so let us make it a healthy one.

What to do: You can pick one among each nutrient group:

Zinc – pumpkin seeds, oysters, lean red meat, whole grains.

Vitamin C – Oranges, Guava, Papaya, and kiwi fruit.

Lycopene – Tomatoes or watermelon.

Vitamin A – Carrots, Eggs, Sweet Potatoes.

Quit smoking and boozing:

If heat is going to damage the sperm from outside, smoking and alcohol are going to doing it for the inside. While smoking causes slow moving sperms, alcohol causes sperm abnormalities which can seriously impact the pregnancy chances.

What to do: As sperm production takes a good 3 months, it is possible to limit the damage by quitting smoking and alcohol 3 months before you plan for conception, throw-in a fair bit of exercise into your daily life and your sperm will thank you!

That said, the above 3 simple lifestyle changes can only help as much. There is a possibility that in spite of imbibing above three changes into your life, you might be facing problems with your reproductive health. This is a sure sign that you need extra help from fertility specialists. We folks at Sri Devi Fertility Clinic have come across any such problems and have successfully solved them too.

In case you need help you can always contact us at Sridevi Fertility the Best Fertility Hospital in Hyderabad

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