Fertility is one area where internet abounds with many myths. It has become an arduous task to sift them and find the fact behind those myths and misconceptions.
Today we’ve decided to clear them up for you.

Here are the top five myths and the actual truth behind them:

Myth 1: Infertility is a rare case. Not every couple has this problem.


Infertility is one of the most common cases among married couples in India. One in every five couples faces this problem while they try to conceive. Not just in India, it is been estimated that around 60-80 million couples every year around the world treat their infertility issues seeking an expert medical help. Owing to our change in lifestyles, it is pretty common these days and there is nothing to feel low about.

Myth 2: Infertility is the always associated with problems in the female reproductive system only .

Again a myth.

Both man and woman have an equal share in infertility cases on the whole. While 30% of the infertility cases are attributed to male infertility, female infertility accounts for other 30% and remaining 40% is due to the combination of both male and female problems.

Myth 3: Having an intercourse few times a month is enough to get pregnant.

Conception is a tricky situation, it gets even trickier if you are a newly-wed. A lot depends on the timing of the woman’s menstrual cycle. So you need not worry about your fertility, if you are unable to conceive after a few intercourses. It’s not uncommon for a healthy couple to try for a minimum of 6 months before hearing the good news. So just give it a time.

Myth 4: Chance of getting pregnant is nil for women above 35.

Definitely not.

Chances are slightly on the lower side but they are pretty far from naught. A radical French study has found out that 82% of the women in 35-39 age group did conceive within a year. The number falls sharply for women in their 40s, but 35 is not the age to give up your dream of becoming a mom. The chances are fine if you plan it wisely by seeking a medical help.

Myth 5: Fertility Treatments and Consultations are expensive.

No. In fact, India is so popular for its economical and efficient fertility centres that it’s been chosen a destination for foreigners as well. You can easily find Fertility specialists with impeccable credentials and successful track record in your city.

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