After giving a thorough thought to everything the pregnancy journey entails, one of our patients Nisha Arora (name changed) and her husband has finally decided to start a family. The couple has tried everything they can do to make conception happen, but much to their chagrin they weren’t successful.

As soon as their attempts were not successful, ‘infertility’ is the first thing that looms in their minds, which is understandable. But that was not the case with the Auroras. Ms. Arora was not by any means infertile but the couple had to make only minor adjustments to successfully make a conception.

Out of hundreds of infertility cases we treat at our Sridevi Fertility Clinic, we often come across a couple who are infertile yet find it difficult to conceive.

So, today we would like to list out some of the general adjustments you can make before you reach out to an infertility specialist:

Monitor the frequency of menstrual cycle:

Though this is general advice that is passed down, we are pleasantly surprised that half the couples do not properly monitor their ovulation window. Even women who are aware tend to mistime their ovulation assuming textbook rules of ovulation. Not everyone’s fertility cycle is the same 14 days, the length of the cycle varies and so do day of ovulation every month.

So carefully monitor your ovulation window and you will notice day pattern emerge. And then there are numerous ovulation calculators available online that can help you find the most fertile days that maximize your pregnancy chances.

The choice of lubricant makes a difference:

The act of copulation is filled with so many myths that sometimes even genuine information can come off as non-trust worthy claim. The choice of lubricant is one of them. After careful research, it was concluded that that the lubricant does impact the motility of the sperm. In fact, some of the lubricants are made up of spermicides that can kill sperms. So choosing sperm-friendly lubricant must be a top priority now.

Healthy body weight increase your chances:

Being overweight can cause a dent to your pregnancy chances but also increase the chances of complications during pregnancy. Too much weight leads to excess estrogen which can throw a spanner into the ovulation process. A mere 5 to 10% decrease in body weight is found to improve the pregnancy chances in women by a fair margin. And being underweight also can cause these hormonal imbalances making it harder to conceive.

While an overweight takes twice longer than normal women to conceive, an underweight woman takes four times as long as normal women. That is how important it is for women to maintain a healthy weight. So be mindful of the fact that bringing your BMI to a healthy range can give a boost to your pregnancy chances.

Know when to see a fertility specialist:

We understand that you get frustrated after two to three months but know that it sometimes takes 5-6 months even for normal fertile couples. If you are in your 20s with normal menstrual cycles, no history of medical issues that can affect fertility, and it is recommended to wait at least a year before you consult a fertility specialist.

If you are above 30 you might find yourself at the grey end of fertility, as the chances of pregnancy decline from this point. So it helps to consult a fertility specialist to have a healthy discussion about the road ahead. This applies to both the woman and her husband.

Well, if you have been through medical conditions like PCOS, Endometriosis, Pelvic surgery, Thyroid, or any other medical issues that might affect fertility (irregular menstrual cycles, pelvic pain), you must consult a fertility specialist as soon as possible. Though all these conditions are treatable it can be really beneficial if you can consult an experienced fertility specialist at the first sign of pregnancy setback.

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