Autism has increased nearly 60 folds since the 1970 with the most visible increase in the last quarter. A survey in UK revealed that one in every 58 children is suffering from autism. This is due to pre-conception negligence involving the excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a well-known neurologist, is of the opinion that exposure to electromagnetic fields is the most important pre-conception issue that needs to considered. It has been proved that the electromagnetic fields or the EMF are equally harmful to the would-be mother and her unborn child.

What are the adverse effects of the electromagnetic fields?

Continuous exposure to electromagnetic waves may lead to neurological abnormalities among children within the first two years of their lives. They are likely to develop problems like

  • Neurological Dysfunctions
  • Hyperactivity
  • Learning Disorder

Bringing down the effect of the electromagnetic fields

For a healthy baby, it is important that the would-be mom should avoid exposure to the EMFs as much as possible. The EMF radiation harms the most while we are asleep. Hence, it is mandatory to get rid of every possible EMF from your bedroom. Here are a few ways that might help you

  • Avoid having cell phone, portable phone. Wifi, laptops or PCs, eclectic blankets, table lamps etc in your bedroom or near your bed.
  • Try to move your bed at least 3-6 feet away from fuse or switchboards in your bed room.
  • Switch off all the gadgets like, cell phones, tabs, ipods, ipads while you are sleeping
  • If you are travelling with a pregnant lady, avoid talking over the phone. It is important; pull down the glasses so that the radiations disperse faster.
  • If you are renovating your home, go for conceal wiring with an electromagnetic protective sheath over it.

According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, no country can move ahead without a proper preconception healthcare. Countries like Iran and Russia are having strict measures to save guard their coming generations from the toxic effects of environments hazards like the EMFs. It’s high time for us to make a move before it is too late.