Though vasectomy has gained prominence in India but myths are still reigning strong. People still think having a vasectomy will invite impotence or decrease your ability of having an intercourse more often. However, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Vasectomy has in no ways decreases your sexual frequency or makes you impotent. A man who can enjoy his sexual life in a similar way he used to do before the procedure.

A study was conducted by the researchers of the Stanford University of Medicines in California, to understand the relation between Vasectomy and its effects on sexual activities. They decided to compare the frequency of sexual activities in men who have undergone vasectomy with those who haven’t. A group of 5,838 men were roped in for monitoring, among them 353 had done vasectomy. It was found that the average frequency of sexual activities in vasectomized men were 5.9 times per month compared to their non-vasectomized counterparts whose frequency reached up to 4.9 times monthly.

This study helped the researchers to conclude that men who have undergone vasectomy were 81% more frequent in indulging in sexual activities than men without vasectomy. This estimate was figured out taking into consideration the factors like their age, health, body mass index, race, marital status, financial position and also the number of children they have.

The researchers also spoke to 5,211 women respondents among whom 670 women told that their partner had undergone vasectomy. The average frequency of sexual activities in couples where the male had undergone vasectomy was 6.3 times per month. On the other hand, couples with non-vasectomized male partners copulated around 6 times monthly.

This research thus clearly states, vasectomy done not lessen the frequency on your sexual activity. On the contrary men who had undergone vasectomy seems to have sex more frequently. However, if you decide to go for vasectomy, it is important to ask your doctor and clear all the doubts you have.

Source :- Renal and Urology News