The dangers of overeating and obesity are not unknown, as obesity increases the risk of diabetes, joint problems, heart disease and many other conditions, but one thing that you may not be aware is that, obesity can have an adverse effect on fertility in women. Stress and anxiety can also affect your chances of becoming pregnant.

Healthy weight is important to conceive as overeating can cause hormonal changes once the body mass index crosses the limit to enter into the obese category. Other dangers that obesity can cause include resistance to insulin, which in turn can affect the menstrual cycle which might increase the infertility chances. Getting pregnant through normal or assisted procedures can be more challenging due to obesity, as there is increased chances of miscarriage, both in normal cases and for in vitro fertilization procedure . Hormonal issues is attributed as one of the causes of obesity, where the body is unable to produce quality eggs. The risks of becoming pregnant due to obesity include decrease in your partner’s fertility, where a drop in the production of testosterone is observed, leading to infertility problems. Hence, losing weight is absolutely essential to increase the chances of fertility. According to a medical study, stress and anxiety are causes of overeating, which may affect the hormonal balance, leading to increased risk of infertility among women. Longer periods of stress and anxiety can lead to the release of a hormone called cortisol by the adrenaline glands and might have an effect on infertility .

Meditation and exercise can help reduce the stress factor in women during the process of conceiving, whether by the normal process or by assisted methods. Meditation can help to overcome the impulse of overeating or the crave for comfort food.

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