Severe depression may decrease the changes of pregnancy. According to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it has been found that women suffering from severe depression have 38% less chance of getting pregnant in a particular menstrual cycle compared to those without depressive symptoms.

The study involved nearly 2,100 women between the age group of 21-45 years, who were trying to conceive. The data about their depressive symptoms, medical history and the treatment procedure were collected from these women. It was seen that nearly 22% of them had a history of severe depressive symptoms. Among them, 17.2% were cured of their depressive symptoms while the other 10.3% were still under treatment. It was found that women who were already cured of their depressive symptoms have higher chances of conception. However, women who are still undergoing treatment might have delayed conception until they are completely cured.

However, the study does not highlight much on the relationship between depression and delayed pregnancy. The author of the study though came forward with numerous potential mechanisms that will play important role in future studies. Depressive symptoms are often associated with the dis-regulations of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. This affects the menstrual cycle and on its turn the ability to conceive.

Nearly 10-15 % women suffer from infertility due to depressive symptoms. According to a survey most women suffer from anxiety disorder and depression during their child bearing years. This makes them less likely to get pregnant fast.

If you too are suffering from acute depressive symptoms and having problem in conceiving; It’s time to meet your fertility expert . A continuous treatment will help your recover completely and also boost your chances of pregnancy. Look for a good fertility expert around you and try and seek professional help and get rid of depressive symptoms.

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