Infertility affects nearly 10 % of the couples during their reproductive age. It is among one of the most common problems that couples across the world are facing. But what is the actual cause behind this? Infertility may have plenty of reasons. According to a study done by the researchers of Tulane University; a woman with traumatic childhood may have irregular menstrual cycle which can result in infertility.

Dr. Emily Harville, the senior author of the study and an associate professor at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine,say that, it has been found that women who had experienced neglect, abuse, violence in their childhood are less likely to bear children naturally. Women who had been victims of abuse or violence before the age of 12, are reported to have serious menstrual issues.

Dr. Harville and her colleagues monitored 774 women in the age group of 18 to 45 from southeastern Louisiana. Among these, 195 women were pregnant. The researchers investigated about the problems they faced while trying to conceive.Women who had experienced negative events like abuse (both physical or sexual) neglect (physical or emotional), domestic violence, had witnessed their parents get divorced etc, before they were 12, had a tough time trying to conceive.Most of them either did not have periods at their right age. Some had it too early or had it too late. Some even told that they had periods that lasted for three months at a stretch. These abnormalities resulted to infertility or delayed pregnancy in most cases.

How can a traumatic childhood affect menstrual cycle leading to female infertility?

The menstrual cycle in women is based on release of some particular hormones. The hormones released by the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis regulates the menstrual cycle. According to the researchers this axis may be altered due to the childhood trauma which turn caused irregular menstruation leading to infertility.

To find the actual cause behind a woman’s infertility, it is important to probe into her past. May be the cause to her infertility is rooted in her dreadful past. She might be reaping something that she might not have sowed.

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