Although summer is not the perfect time for women to become pregnant, there are certain ways by which you can take care during this season. Heat and humidity can worsen the symptoms of pregnancy that can be very uncomfortable. Here are some tips which could help in pregnancy care during summer.

1. Dehydration is one of the prime causes of discomfort for pregnant women during summer. Drinking lots of water can prevent nausea, dryness of the lips and mouth, dizziness and yellow color urine. Keeping the body well hydrated is good for both the mother and the baby.

2. Early morning exercise can help the body to be fit. Do the right exercises in the early morning when the temperature is comparatively cool.

3. Following a healthy diet is important for the mother and the baby to be in good pregnancy health. Include fresh fruits, fruit juice and green tea in the diet to keep the body temperature within control. Other food items include milk, flax seed powder and green vegetables. Foods that you should avoid include Tea and coffee, fish with high mercury content and eggs that are undercooked. Smoothies and watermelon juice can be good as refreshing snacks during the summer.

4. Dressing comfortably during pregnancy in summer is very important. Wear light colored dress to keep you comfortable. Cotton dresses and loose fitting garments can help the air flow and decrease the sweat.Use an umbrella when going out to keep you protected from the sun’s UV rays.

5. Foot care is also important, as the foot tends to swell up for pregnant women. Always try to raise your legs a little bit while at rest and use pillows under the foot during sleep. This will help to prevent the swelling of the feet and the legs. Specially designed shoes are available at maternity shops that are comfortable to wear and also help the feet to stay in the best shape. Wear the right type of shoe while walking or doing any exercise.

6. Remember to use a sunscreen product whenever you go out. This will help the skin to be in the right tone. The skin can get sensitive during the summer for pregnant women, which can cause great discomfort.

Other types of care that you can take for pregnancy in summer include, swimming during the evening in the early stages of pregnancy, having frequent meals and afternoon naps. These tips can help you to be in a better health during pregnancy in summer.