The relationship between dietary habits and fertility was fairly established since time immemorial. It was quite common in the older days, to advise specific foods to the woman when she found it difficult to conceive.

With the explosion of information today, these dietary recommendations for fertility are pushed up to the hilt. And there is a growing line of thought among the couples that change in diet can miraculously solve the problem of infertility .

But does it?  Will changing your menu for the dinner help you improve your pregnancy chances?

Yes and no.

Perplexed? Read on:

Here’s when diet can improve your fertility:

Reproduction is one of the most important function of the human body which like any other functions benefit from healthy body. And a well-balanced diet is an essential component for optimal functioning of all the bodily process. Work commitments, high-stress levels, and unhealthy food habits take a toll on the body ultimately affecting the reproductive health of women. Our bodies need healthy nutrition now more than ever for their optimal functioning and yet we deny ourselves the benefits of healthy diet.

Resorting to a healthy diet does improve your general health. Your reproductive health also being a component of your general health is bound to improve too. It is as simple as that.

So what does research say?

According to researchers at Harvard, diet and fertility are positively related to each other i.e. eating a healthy diet does improve your reproductive health. In their conclusive research, they have zeroed-in on following vitamin and nutrients that are found to show positive impacts on their fertility:

Omega-3 fatty acids – Fish, Flax seeds, Chia seeds, Walnuts, Eggs.

Vitamin B12 – Fish, Shrimp, Chicken, Milk, Eggs.

Folic acid – Leafy greens, Citrus fruits, Beans, Legumes, Beets.

Here’s when your diet cannot help improve your fertility:

Though a well-balanced diet is found to improve the fertility in women, it is not by any stretch the ultimate solution for infertility problems faced by women.

“Most of the infertility cases we treat are related to common gynecological problems which are not at all related to nutritional deficiency”, says Swetha Thumula, Chief Fertility Specialist at our Sridevi Fertility Clinic.

Endometriosis, PCOS, Fibroids, POF, Thyroid issues, Diabetes, Diminished ovarian reserve are some of the many problems that can cause infertility in women. Though all these problems can be solved and treated using modern fertility methods and treatment options, all the diet does is only assist slightly improve the effectiveness of the process.

So, in a nutshell:

Can a well-balanced diet beneficial to the fertility of women?


But is it the magic solution to the infertility problems of women?

Definitely not.

There are plenty of treatment options that can restore your fertility and our fertility specialists at Sridevi Fertility Clinic are experts in improving your pregnancy chances to make your parenthood dream come true.

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