A miscarriage can bring on a mountain of grief and gloom to the to-be parents who dream of starting a family. The emotional loss can trigger a sense of denial and despair in women who have suffered multiple miscarriages. Since the mothers are the ones who bear the foetus in their body, they are suspected to be responsible for the loss.

But are women always responsible for the miscarriages? 

“No”, says the medical scientists at prestigious Imperial College of London. The medical research study performed on men whose partners have suffered more than 3 miscarriages has concluded that the health of the sperm is one of the major factors responsible for recurrent miscarriages.

Are the miscarriages and health of sperm related?

Fertilization is the survival of the fittest and the healthiest of the sperms win the race to make the conception possible. So naturally, the sperm factors are overlooked since the winner sperm is automatically considered to be a healthier one.

Though this might seem like a probable reason, fertility research studies over past decades suggest that this might not be always the case i.e. there is no guarantee that the sperm is super-duper healthy. According to modern fertility research, chromosomal abnormalities of the sperm are responsible for the majority of early miscarriages.

So what does the new research say?

In the view of the growing medical research, this new study by researchers at Imperial College of London further strengthens the impact of sperm health on miscarriage. Sperm of men whose partners have suffered recurrent miscarriages had two times as much as damage to their sperm DNA compared to that of normal men. And this DNA damage to sperm is one of the major causes of recurrent miscarriages along with chromosome abnormalities of the sperm.

So coming back to our impending question: Are women always responsible for the miscarriages?

Now that the growing research across the globe suggest that sperm health is as important for a successful pregnancy as the egg health, it is fair to say that both men and women can equally contribute to the incidence of a Miscarriage.

But here’s the good news: You can reduce the risk of miscarriage and improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy by consulting an expert fertility specialist and choosing the right treatment procedures.

Miscarriages and the way forward:

Miscarriage does carry a sense of stigma in Indian society and they are normally put under wraps. A fertility specialist is only consulted after multiples events of miscarriages which can put the couple a serious disadvantage.

Since sperm health is associated with the health of the pregnancy, undergoing procedures like sperm testing and other fertility procedures can provide a window of opportunity for the couple. The chances of healthy pregnancy can be increased by a good measure using proper medications or fertility treatments available.


It takes both man and woman to give birth to new life and also the health of both man and woman for a healthy pregnancy. A miscarriage can be a result of a myriad of factors, all of which can be solved and treated.

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