A woman’s age has always been the most significant factor affecting her fertility. Much talked about biological clock is real and it surely affects a woman’s ability to conceive. Men are affected by age too, but fortunately for men, the impact of age on their fertility is less.

What happens when woman age?

As woman age, the quality and quantity of the Oocytes (eggs) in their body gradually decreases and so does their ability to conceive. Post thirties, chances of getting pregnant gradually decreases and this reduction rate picks up a serious pace after age 35. It’s just like woman are under a deadline to reproduce, before their inevitable infertility problems set-in.

But not anymore.

Egg freezing is here to free women from this biological deadline. By preserving the eggs and storing these unfertilized eggs for later use is helping women to preserve their fertility for long time. With the support of advanced technology methods in reproductive medicine, an increasing number of the couple have put their trust in this procedure, this ever-growing list is filled with many international celebrities too. A breath of life to working women, Egg Freezing is being adopted by 40-50% working women in the west and is slowly coming into prominence in India too.

If you are considering this popular reproductive procedure, then you must thoroughly discuss your options with your doctor who can help you understand the procedure and your suitability based on your medical history. Dr. Swetha Thumula of Sridevi Fertility Clinic is a well-known Fertility expert in Egg Freezing procedure and can surely help you with your doubts.

But before you consider this option, here are the 5 things about the Egg Freezing procedure we think you must know to have a head start:

Egg freezing is not a complicated procedure:

Advanced procedures are generally considered to be complicated but that is not entirely true when it comes to Egg Freezing. A series of injections are given to stimulate the ovaries for eggs and they are extracted, transferred, tested and stored in liquid nitrogen. But it does take a fair bit of time and effort, which will be planned by your doctor.

You might need multiple procedures for successful freezing:

An average number of 15 eggs are collected by stimulating the ovaries to ensure a successful pregnancy. But the health of eggs collected will vary, depending on the age, health, fertility status. So some women might have to undergo multiple procedures (stimulation + retrieval), whereas some might make it through with single procedure alone.


Egg freezing is followed by In-vitro fertilization:
When you feel the time is right, the eggs that are stored are fertilized using In-vitro fertilization. So when you opting for egg freezing you are looking at both Egg Freezing and In-vitro fertilization for a successful pregnancy, making your choice of Clinic and Doctor, a significant one.

If you are around age 35, then you make a great candidate for the procedure:

The chance of mothering a child in 40s is little to none in case of natural pregnancy. But egg freezing can realize your dream if you would like to delay your motherhood. While the average age of women resorting to the procedure is 37, the highest number of live birth are recorded among women who have undergone the procedure in their early 30s. So if you are in your 30s then don’t wait too long.

The choice of Clinic and the Doctor matters a lot:

Though the procedure has been recording a good number of success rates lately, the success has to be accorded to the qualified doctors and advanced facilities of the clinics. So if you are considering the option, make sure that the Clinic has a good track record and your doctor has plenty of experience with the procedure.

Equipped with advanced medical infrastructure and qualified doctors Sridevi Fertility Centre has a proven track record in successfully implementing Cryopreservation procedures to help couples realize their parenthood dream. So if you would like to know your chances, our expert doctors are ready to help you.

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