The ART Procedures have completely changed the way the world perceives Infertility problems. Fortunately, Infertility is no longer a dead end for childless couples; not with scores of Assisted Reproductive Technologies available today.
The boon of Assisted Reproductive Technologies:
From simple less invasive techniques like Ovulation Induction, IUI to advanced technologies like IVF, ICSI, and PGD, there is a wide spectrum of ART Procedures that assist the natural reproduction process to help infertile couples realize their dreams of parenthood.
Thousands of couples were successfully treated at our Sridevi Fertility Center and we were surprised to find that the majority of the couples have these glaring misconceptions and myths about the procedures that are not true. With this write up here we would like to clear the air about these myths.

So here are the most common myths about the Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the truth behind them:

Myth 1: Fertility treatments and Assisted Reproduction Techniques are only for women.
Truth: Absolutely not. There are fertility treatments and ART techniques that help men in case it is male infertility that is causing the problems.
Most often the word Infertility is associated with women, so it is misconstrued that the fertility treatments and reproductive techniques are only for women. In reality, half of the infertility cases are due to male infertility and fortunately, there are both fertility treatments and assisted reproductive techniques that can help solve these male infertility issues. For example, ICSI is one of the leading procedure that is used to the cases where infertility is caused by low sperm count and motility.

Myth 2: ART procedures will always result in multiple pregnancies.
Truth: Not always. It is perfectly possible for today’s technology to make sure of a single successful pregnancy.
There was a time (long ago) when more than one embryo is transferred just to increase the chances of pregnancy and the fertility medication would have stimulated the release of more than one mature egg. But as said, that was a long time ago, and today’s fertility treatment and procedure are completely capable of producing a successful single pregnancy unless the couple request for twins.

Myth 3: The success rate of assisted reproductive treatments are not very high.
Truth: Fertility treatments and assisted reproductive procedures enjoy a healthy success rate that are very higher than general perception.
Last few years have seen rapid development in fertility technologies and they have made sure that chances of pregnancy are greatly improved. Basically, the success rates to a large extent depend on the choice of Fertility clinic. Equipped with the latest technology and experienced fertility specialists, our patients at Sridevi Fertility Clinic has recorded superb success rates in assisted reproductive treatments.

Myth 4: Babies conceived through Fertility Treatments and ART Procedures have health problems.
Truth: A stupendous majority of children born with the help of medical intervention are completely fine without any defects or developmental delays.
Historically, children conceived naturally without any treatments have had a 3-5% risk of health problems and developmental delays. Infertility increases this risk, so when a couple resort for fertility treatment they are already at an elevated risk and fertility treatments and ART procedures reduce the risk to give a healthy baby. For example procedures like preimplantation genetic screening, it is possible to identify abnormalities and measures can be duly taken. In essence, these fertility treatments and ART procedures do not pose added risks to the health of the baby.

Myth 5: Fertility treatments and assisted reproductive techniques are expensive.
Truth: No, not really. Just because they are technologically advanced procedures, they are falsely perceived as too expensive.
The cost of fertility treatments is predominantly location dependent. For example, India is the most affordable place in the world. And Hyderabad given its extraordinary healthcare services tops the list of metros offering top-notch reproductive treatments at economical price, alongside Pune and Kolkata. The advanced health care facilities and affordable treatment costs are the main reason why most of the couples in India prefer Hyderabad for their treatment procedures.
That said, if you are in and around Hyderabad you have already placed yourself at the right place to avail top-notch fertility services at Sridevi Fertility Clinic. Having been adjudged the ‘Best IVF Clinic in Hyderabad’ by Times Annual Health Survey for three years in a row, we offer the advanced fertility treatments at affordable prices.
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