In a shocking revelation, a worldwide medical study has reported that men today are only half fertile compared to the men, 50 years ago.

Sperm count in men was noticed to have plunged by more than 60% and was the main reason for this massive fall in the fertility in men and this was in the early 2010s. The last ten years saw a rapid rise in the men infertility cases primarily due to the lower sperm quantity and quality.

This decline in sperm count and its quality has been a global phenomenon that has attracted a lot of medical research. Many causes have since been coined but there are the three major causes that affect maximum damage:

Smoking: Smoking as known to everyone is injurious to health but it was proven to be far more dangerous to the health of the sperms. According to the recent medical study published by European Urology, smoking is directly associated with a decline in the sperm count, its motility (movement) and also morphology (structure), affecting male fertility extensively, as no other lifestyle choice does.

Excessive alcohol: It is simple with alcohol, more units you consume weaker the sperm turnout to be in terms of quality and quantity. It is a proverbial fact that alcohol is detrimental to the male and female reproductive system and every study makes only confirms it. According to a recent Danish medical study alcohol is proven to have a negative impact on hormone production and all the semen parameters (count, motility, and morphology). The study also claims that denouncing alcohol (at least for 3 months) can drastically improve the sperm quantity, quality and other reproductive functions. So if there is any best time to take a break from alcohol, it is 3 months before you plan for a kid.

Prolonged exposure of chemicals in plastics: Plastic, since its inception as becoming part of our lives and it is difficult to imagine our daily life without them. This plastic is made up of plasticizers like phthalates which was shown to have a negative impact on the reproductive system of both males and females. These plasticizers are what makes the plastic flexible and is used to almost all the plastics like water bottles. Eventually these plasticizers leeches into the water we consume making way into our bodies unknowingly. These plasticizers are found to affect sperm count and quality when exposed for a prolonged period of time and it is difficult to avoid them, and that is what makes them dangerous.

More often than not, it’s women who always take the brunt for reproductive problems, which is not true. Male infertility accounts for almost 40% of the total infertility cases, which is equal if not more than that of women. And it’s no surprise if this percentage of men infertility cases increase in the coming years because men’s sperm levels are going downhill and will continue to do so unless you take protective steps.

There are cases when these changes may not help and that is when you need to consult a fertility specialist. Fertility treatments can improve your sperm count and its quality; our experts at Sridevi Fertility Clinic has helped thousands of men and we can help you too.

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