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This New Research Breakthrough Could Extend the Female Fertility Window by 3 to 6 Years:

Reproductive ability is one of those important body functions which has to bear the brunt of natural aging, quite early. These days, a woman’s ability to reproduce has slowly started to decline in her early 30s. This decline is due to a decrease in the quality of eggs, resulting in a frequent increase in miscarriages […]

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Is it true that kids of older fathers are at an increased risk of health problems?

Late pregnancies have become a norm in the recent days. Working urban couples in their late 30s or early 40s visiting doctors for their first child has become a common sight. The age of marriage, career aspirations, a changed outlook on life or even fertility issues; whatever may be the reasons […]

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Improve Male Fertility: Here’s a proven way to improve the sperm count and its quality

Infertility is a problem that’s been growing around the globe. According to recent studies, it has already affected around 17-20 million Indians in past 2 years. Male infertility has solely accounted for 30 % of these infertility cases which is a bit alarming to hear, given that the percentage was way lesser […]

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Five myths about Fertility You Should Stop Believing Right Now!

Fertility is one area where internet abounds with many myths. It has become an arduous task to sift them and find the fact behind those myths and misconceptions.
Today we’ve decided to clear them up for you.

Here are the top five myths and the actual truth behind them:

Myth 1: Infertility is a rare […]

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What are the best ways to overcome infertility due to Thyroid?

If you are having thyroid problems and are concerned about the impact of thyroid on infertility , there should be no reason for anxiety, as the problem could be solved before conceiving by following certain ways which have been proved to give results. Here are some ways by which you can solve the thyroid […]

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Care to be taken during pregnancy in summer

Although summer is not the perfect time for women to become pregnant, there are certain ways by which you can take care during this season. Heat and humidity can worsen the symptoms of pregnancy that can be very uncomfortable. Here are some tips which could help in pregnancy care during summer.

1. Dehydration is one of […]

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What are the Top 10 benefits of exercise during pregnancy?

When the demands of labour can be challenging, following modified fitness programs can be the best solution for pregnant women to stay healthy. There is much to be gained by following some appropriate exercises during pregnancy. Prenatal exercises and exercises during pregnancy is now being encouraged for achieving pregnancy and delivery that could be free […]

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Can simple life style changes bring big difference for fertility?

Factors that can adversely affect fertility include consumption of alcohol, caffeine, psychological stress and environmental pollutants. The impact of lifestyle factors on reproductive health, especially those undergoing treatment for infertility cannot be ruled out. Simple lifestyle changes can bring a big difference in fertility according to the findings that have been substantiated by results. […]

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Top organic foods which support fertility

Proper nutrition is the ultimate factor for obtaining optimal fertility, and that is why organic foods play an important role in the diet of a pregnant woman. Changes in the diet plan that include foods which are free of toxins can help to boost fertility and prevent the chances of recurrent miscarriage and support […]

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Is there a chance of pregnancy after regular miscarriages?

Women asking themselves a barrage of questions on whether there is any chance of conceiving after a single or multiple miscarriage can get answers and can get informed decision about their future probability of becoming pregnant after reading the below article.

There is every chance of getting confused and anxious after a miscarriage, especially about when […]

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