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Identifying infertility symptoms in men

Male Infertility is on the rise around the globe. The reasons for it are manifold. The situation worsens as most people are reluctant to visit a fertility expert on time. Some feel uncomfortable to talk about the problems that they consider being very personal. The other may not even be aware of the […]

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Pelvic Exercise Effective in Premature Ejaculation

The European Association of Urology’s 29th meet heard about a new study. This study says that pelvic exercise can help patients with premature ejaculatory disorder. Antonio Pastore, MD, of Sapienza University of Rome with his team carried an experiment with 40 men who were in the age group of 19 to 46. All of them […]

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Male Infertility Links To Cancer

Male infertility does is more detrimental than you can even imagine. It does not only restrain you from fathering an offspring but also makes you vulnerable to cancer. According to a study published in The Journal of Urology, infertility in men makes them prone to all types of cancer and to some individual types of […]

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The Father’s Age Affects ART Success Rate

Every time a couple suffers from infertility issues or has multiple still-births, all fingers are pointed at the mother. A women’s age is definitely a factor that affects her chances of conceptions and live birth. But it has been proved that the male partner is equally responsible for the ART success.

According to a […]

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Does Vasectomy Affects Sex-life?

Though vasectomy has gained prominence in India but myths are still reigning strong. People still think having a vasectomy will invite impotence or decrease your ability of having an intercourse more often. However, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Vasectomy has in no ways decreases your sexual frequency or makes […]

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Masturbation and Male Infertility

Does masturbation causes infertility in men? The simple answer to this is ‘No’. Masturbation is referred to the stimulation of own genitals for sexual arousal. This in no way can hinder the changes of fathering children. However, if a couple is planning to have a baby, the male partner, needs to restrict his masturbation. This […]

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Electromagnetic fields may harm your unborn child

Autism has increased nearly 60 folds since the 1970 with the most visible increase in the last quarter. A survey in UK revealed that one in every 58 children is suffering from autism. This is due to pre-conception negligence involving the excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a well-known neurologist, is of the […]

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Hot bath tubs can kill male fertility

Are you a man madly in love with hot bath tubs or hot and relaxing Jacuzzi baths? It’s time to fall out of your love if you are planning a family. According to the researchers of the University of California, the constant exposure to the ‘wet heat’ can kill your fertility.

Though this theory initiated as […]

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IVF? Try ICSI – Scientifically higher success rate

If you are thinking to conceive through ART, try out ICSI. This procedure has a higher success rate even in cases where the male partner suffers from most severe fertility issues. However, the cost of ICSI is higher than IVF. The sole reason for this is due to the expertise required to handle the complexities […]

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Preserve fertility to ward-off infertility treatment

They best way to avoid an infertility treatment is to protect your fertility. Infertility is the newest form of epidemic that is estimated to trouble one out of every six couples. Infertility problems do not surface until a couple tries to conceive. It is important to know about the reasons behind infertility and the ways […]

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