Sridevi Fertility

Sridevi Fertility and Test Tube Baby Center is among the pioneers to introduce the advanced technologies in the field of fertility like IVF, IUI and ICSI Treatment to the city of Hyderabad. We offer the most effective fertility solutions to couples aspiring fruitful parenthood.

The journey till date

Established as Sridevi Hospitals in 1980 in the mining town of Godavari Khani, the now Sridevi Fertility is the brainchild of Dr. G. Saraswati Devi and Dr. E.L. Manohar Rao. We have come a long way from being a 40 bedded maternity clinic to one of the topmost multi-facility fertility clinics in Hyderabad.

The vision and the visionary

A fruitful parent-hood and mother-child healthcare have always topped our priority list. With this vision in mind, our chief, Dr. G.Saraswati Devi, has always equipped her with knowledge in the field of gynecology and infertility practices around the world. She has been involved in conducting researches across the globe with the idea not only to help childless couples complete their family but also improve the mother-child health conditions.

The ideologies of Dr. G. Saraswati Devi and Dr. E.L. Manohar Rao are being successfully carried forward by Dr. Bhavatej Enganti, a gold medalist in Urology and a leading male fertility expert and Dr. Swetha Thumula, a noted gynecologist and fertility expert, trained under internationally reputed organisations relevant to andrology and female fertility.

Together they are aiming to set up the base for the cities first specialized fertility and andrology center.

Specialized Andrology and Fertility Clinic

Advanced Fertility Solutions – We specialize in providing the latest and finest assisted reproductive solutions like IVF, IUI and ICSI Treatment customized to yield desirable results for each couple. We also offer added resulting solutions like Surrogacy, Donor Programs and infertility diagnosis and rectification surgeries for both genders.

Pioneers in ICSI Treatment – We are among the pioneers in offering high-end fertility solutions with advanced technologies like ICSI Treatment to the couples having infertility issues.

Care Counseling – Counseling is the most important part of the treatment process when it comes to fertility. Our experts do it best. You can open up with your problems in discrete discussion session and have them guiding you. These counseling sessions at Sridevi Fertility work wonders. You step out with more confidence that in most cases, leads to success.

Natural IVF – This is our endeavor to go down on medication and doing things in a more natural way. We employ the newest and high-end techniques to ensure success even for cancer survivors and older women, diagnosed with minimum chance of conception.

Excellent Infrastructure And Trained Care-Givers – We offer the best infrastructure with sterile daycare sections, separate operative and post-operative units and inbuilt diagnostic centers and laboratories. All our caregivers are trained and friendly, to make you feel comfortable.

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